Chris Eaton for Minnesota Senate DFL and Labor endorsed
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Chris Eaton working for families, seniors and children.

Jobs - Jobs - Jobs

· Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and should be allowed to flourish to create jobs

· A well-trained work force bolsters a successful economy


Quality Schools

· Equal, quality educational opportunities for all students is critical for our future

· Our children deserve the skills to succeed in our changing economy

· We must ensure access to affordable higher education options


Affordable, Accessible Health Care

· As a nurse I understand and am committed to affordable, quality health care

· We must streamline our health care system to address concerns about cost, quality, and access


Clean Air and Water

· Ensure the investment Minnesotans have made in our environment is not eroded

· Guarantee Minnesota has a safe water supply and clean lakes, polluters must be held accountable


Safe Neighborhoods

· Increased crime prevention efforts will protect our communities

· Toughen penalties for violent criminals and repeat offenders.

· Put enough cops on the streets to protect our neighborhoods


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